Defining New Value through Innovative Chemicals.


Defining New Value through Innovative Chemicals.

antiallergenic soft sensation cool feeling effect sustainable ECO finish

Since Ohara Paragium Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in Kyoto, 1926, as the forefront of original Japanese technology / Kyoto technology offering a new pleasant life, we’ve transmitted business charm to success in the intensifying competitive world market.
To the future, we will generate new business needs on being green, organic and kind to the nature, and aim to be “One and Only” in the fine chemical field.
Additionally, as the unique creative challenging company, we will go on to advance furthermore based on the global progress activating the partnership with Qingdao Ohara Chemical Co., Ltd. in China.


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Bring better environment and beautiful earth down to the next generation by making use of new technologies and services.
Sustainable ECO Finish is a our products name of environmentally-friendly finishing agents.
We consider about influence on global environment, like environmental pollution and the ecosystem destruction, with this products. We believe that environmental sustainability leads to social sutainability.

PARARESIN NC-305A and NC-701 have been newly developed as superior soil resistance and soil release agent for aiming at textile products to be labeled with new SEK mark for soil resistance and soil release textile (below) established in 2012.

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